New Edition

My blog is celebrating its 6th anniversary this week (week of 27 May 2013) and what better way to commemorate the occasion than by dressing it up in a shiny new theme. The new look features more visual elements and easier access to the most recent and popular posts. I hope you like it.

Wow, I have been blogging for the past 6 years! And 109 posts later, I am glad to say I am still as enthusiastic about sharing my thoughts as when I penned my first article. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all faithful readers for your kind support, words of encouragement and insightful comments.

In case you wonder why I have articles dating back to as early as 2003 in the archive section, those were originally published in a non-blog format and only later re-posted on my blog.

Happy reading!

The old look

The old look

4 thoughts on “New Edition

    • Dear Uncle Lam,

      My pleasure and grateful thanks for allowing me to quote your article (s) and works.

      Certainly I will introduce the participants to your website and also your works as well.

      With much gratitude and appreciation.

      Kind regards and best wishes,

      Sincerely, Muhd Fauzi

  1. Dear Uncle Lam,

    I am Lt Kol (Rtd) Clifford Baptist retired since 1987 and a keen amateur historian about the Eurasians. I am very impressed and overwhelmed at your articles ‘Singapore Eurasians – The Inheritors of Western and Asian Cultures ‘ in your website as well as your very insightful artices and contributions you are making for the preservation of culture and heritage of all races and their contributions to the evolving social history in Singapore.

    I must say that your articles dovetails perfectly in a topic I am to speak about at a Eurasian heritage Forum in penang on 16 Aug part of a Eurasian Heritage and Cultural Fiesta from 15-17 Aug 14 and part of the month long annual Penang Heritage Celebration Month.

    May I please have the humble honour of quotating you and your article at this FORUM Sir because you have really given very factual insights about what is a common Malaysian and Singapore social dilemna of how the small community fits into the larger majority of the country they live in and the part present and future generations can play in a rapidly changing social,political environment yet preserving the key basic fundamentals of their unique heritage and culture.

    In my research I have and can only sum up about the Eurasian Community ( in both Singapore and Malaysia) as:

    Thank you Sir and “May you live in happiness and peace with God’s continued blessings.

    My email address is

    Thank you and most kind regards and wishes,
    Clifford Baptist @Muhd Fauzi Baptist
    Mobile : 012 2187087

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