Guest Writers on My Blog

Since the formation of my blog through the loving concern and help of my beloved wife and youngest son in order to prevent my mind from becoming too sluggish in my old age, I had been posting one article every month but later reducing it to one every two to three months in very recent years in order to reduce the pressure on me.

Before becoming a blogger, I had alreay contributed about one hundred articles on various subjects to the local press since 1992, many of these had been republished in my blog, by courtesy of their respective editors.

After having posted numerous articles on current affairs, cultures, education, history, living, music, science and technology, sport, travel, the arts and art collecting, genealogy, reflections on life and uncategorized topics, I then decided that my monthly pieces might start to bore my regular viewers and thus I then embarked upon the idea of inviting a select group of my friends to be my Guest Writers in order to enlarge and enhance the scope of my blog.

I am gratified that, after some persuasions, I succeeded to enlist a wide ranging group of them to support my blog accordingly. Their wisdoms, knowledge and wide ranging expertise have undoubtedly enhanced and enlarged the scope and appeals of my blog, which has reached an ever increasing number of my international viewers.

Despite what I have stated above, I am surprised and somewhat disappointed that not a good number of my Guest Writer’s pieces have been regularly read and commented by my ever increasing number of international viewers. Hence, I am listing below all their names in alphabetical order and to repeat their achievements in life at the end of their articles.

To reach your chosen Guest Writer’s piece, please click on his or her name to view it.

Theresa Carino
Maynard Chen
Peter Chen
Agnes Chew
Sophia Chiang
Chua Swee Kiat
Foo Keong Tatt
Elaine Jek
Mohanadas Kandiah
Lai Chan See
Lam Cheng En
Lam Chih Bing
Lam Chih Chao
Lam Chih Ming
Lam Chih Tsung
Kalina Lam
Lam Shuya
Leona Lim
Lim Toke Feng
Low Sze Wee
Agnes Ma
Paul Ma
Ng Seng Leong
Ong Siew Chey
Oon Lay Yong
Mark Phong
Manicam Saravanamuthu
Munir Shah
Sihoe Kok Soon
Leo Tan
Justin Tong
Philip Tong
Dione Wang
Wee Yeow Chin
Wong Hong Sze
Munira Yahyabhoy

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

I wish you enjoyable reading of their contributions to my modest blog. Many thanks.

Lam Pin Foo

2 thoughts on “Guest Writers on My Blog

  1. writing is one of the best way to keep mentally active. i’ve enjoyed reading your interesting articles since there’s no end to learning. Let’s continue to be scholars……

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