Guest Writers Have Enhanced My Blog

In order to enlarge the scope, depth and to add value to my blog, I decided last year to introduce a guest writers series as a regular feature of my blog. Seven of my invitees graciously accepted my invitations to share their varying life experiences with viewers. Despite their disparate backgrounds, they all have a common love for reading and writing. Among them were a renowned retired surgeon with two books on Chinese culture to his credit, a retired CEO and former senior politician who travels widely, a well-known botanist and a keen bird-watcher, a retired senior business executive who collects Chinese ceramics, a computer expert with a nose for good food, a creative jewellery designer who is also a fine painter and an internationally acclaimed historian of Chinese mathematics. Judging from the encouraging and positive feedbacks their articles had generated from viewers of many countries, they had made a favourable impact on them. Their pieces have continued to draw viewers even now.

Encouraged and gratified by the success of the first Guest Writers’ Series, I am embarking on a second series for this year. Once again, I was fortunate and privileged to find six good guest writers who had spontaneously consented to be part of my blog and that each will contribute an article on a topic of his or her choice, which will give you a glimpse of their varied and rich life experiences. I have no doubt that their pieces, too, will be good and insightful reads and will go down well with viewers. Among them are a distinguished university administrator and marine biologist with an impeccable record of public service, a prominent museum professional of outstanding curatorial flair, an illustrious squash personality who is well-known both in Singapore and internationally, a UK-trained barrister and former senior lecturer of a leading polytechnic, a legal director of an international bank and a retired international award-winning university don. You are welcome to comment on their pieces, which will be fed back to them for their response if needed. In the next few months, I will take a break from my own monthly inputs, which have now reached more than 60, unless the urge for me to write so overwhelms me that I might pen an article or two in between those of my guest writers!

I now have much pleasure to present my first guest writer of this series, Mr Low Sze Wee, whose contribution, “Simple is Hard to Do: Some Thoughts on Shanghai Expo 2010”, which appears immediately after this posting. Happy reading!

Lam Pin Foo

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